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As seen on Good Morning America

Fox News

“…Erika Bowie of the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm says her Bavarian Village allows guests inside the reindeer enclosure which provides a magical experience to all ages.”

Travel Channel

“…If there’s such a thing as a Christmas bucket list, meeting a reindeer has to be at the top. At the family-run Leavenworth Reindeer Farm, you can schedule a tour which includes an educational presentation on reindeer and a chance to feed the friendly herd. They’ll eat right out of your hand!…”

Seattle Refined

“We got our first six reindeer in 2016 from Palmer, Alaska, and we’ve been inviting guests onto the farm ever since,” said Erika Bowie, general manager of Leavenworth Reindeer Farm. “We’re one of the very few place on Earth where you can come inside a reindeer enclosure and spend some time surrounded by the whole herd.”

King 5 News

“…Little known fact, Leavenworth is actually at the same latitude on earth as Mongolia, where huge herds of reindeer naturally thrive. We actually have the same weather patterns here, and some of the healthiest fattest reindeer we’ve ever seen…”

Seattle Times

“…Whatever misgivings I had about a creature with huge antlers eating from my child’s hand quickly dissolved. Even the most jaded Grinch will turn gooey inside the moment a reindeer’s velvety snout nuzzles the palm of their hand.”